Criminal Law
Criminal Law includes both felonies (more serious offenses -- like murder or rape) and misdemeanors (less serious offenses -- like petty theft or jaywalking) at both Federal and State courts. Felonies are usually crimes punishable by imprisonment of a year or more, while misdemeanors are crimes punishable by less than a year. Whether you are under investigation, recently arrested or already indicted, your freedom is at stake. The attorneys at Lynch & Van Dyke have the knowledge and experience to protect your rights.

We represent defendants for all criminal law cases including federal and state criminal law. We have experience in many different areas including individuals charged with drug trafficking, murder, manslaughter, assaults of all kinds, burglary, robbery, sex offenses and vehicle offenses (such as operating under the influence).

Our attorneys have handled dozens of complex felony cases in State and Federal court. We also handle white collar offenses such as benefit, insurance or tax fraud.

We will help you through a difficult time by providing comprehensive legal representation as well as a strong customer service experience throughout the investigation and potential trial. We understand that it is a criminal investigation and a difficult situation to find yourself in, and we want to make the entire experience as smooth as possible.

Our attorneys will be working tirelessly on your behalf as soon as you contact us for your initial consultation. We will investigate the unique circumstances surrounding your case and charge, as well as any relevant laws or statutes that might give you a better chance at a positive result. We will handle any interaction with law enforcement or another third party as they conduct their research and attempt to build a case against you. Our goal is to have your charge dropped or lessened as much as possible, but if your case ultimately reaches trial, we will be advocating on your behalf and making sure that your rights are protected throughout the process. Even after the conclusion of your trial, our attorneys will work with you to resolve any issues that linger from your charge. We want to make sure that your life is impacted as minimally as possible by the charge you are facing, and we will help make that happen to the best of our abilities.
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